Killing America


Killing America: Our United States of Ignorance, Fear, Bigotry, Violence and Greed (forthcoming, September 2018) is Reggie Marra’s fourth book of poems.

As with This Open Eye: Seeing What We Do (2006), Marra unflinchingly sees, writes and shares with the reader images of his country’s culture of violence, as it manifests at home and abroad. His poems both grieve slaughtered school children, unarmed black men, ambushed cops, church-, concert- and movie-goers, military veterans and victims of American foreign policy violence in the Middle East, and indict the leaders who refuse to act amid, or who implicitly condone, the slaughter.

Excerpts began appearing on this site in May 2018, and will continue through the book’s September 2018 publication.

Current reviews are available here.

Cover Art: Whose Heaven? by Ray DiCapua
Charcoal and ink on paper | 48” x 72”
Copyright © 2003 by Ray DiCapua
Used with Ray DiCapua’s permission.