Sunny December New England Morning

Sunny December New England Morning

The children walk across the sunlit parking lot,
long December shadows falling to their left,
most, as rehearsed, hold their hands on the
shoulders of the child in front of them, some
cry, some look confused, some have their
heads down as two uniformed officers and
two plain-clothed women guide them away
from the building. The adults don’t yet know
the enormity of the day and while the children
know less, some are young enough to feel the
grownups’ discomfort amid the chaos of sirens,
lights, shouting and guns. Time will pass and a
Florida woman, who believes the parking lot
scene and all the events of this day are a hoax
will be charged with making death threats
against a parent of one of the twenty first-
graders killed. Other survivors will be harassed
by Americans who argue the event was staged
to erode support for the 2nd Amendment, and a
Connecticut man will be charged for allegedly
phoning in a threat to the new Sandy Hook
Elementary School which replaced the school
that was demolished after the massacre.

Acknowledgement: |Accessed November 17, 2017. Photograph by Shannon Hicks / Newtown Bee via Associated Press)

Copyright © 2018 by Reggie Marra. From Killing America: Our United States of Ignorance, Fear, Bigotry, Violence and Greed (forthcoming, September 2018).


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